Be careful — the house has a high IQ

Апр 11, 2024
ostorojno u doma visokii iq 2

Be careful — the house has a high IQ!

“Watch out — angry dog!” – in Soviet times, dacha owners hung such signs on their gates.

And sometimes, not only evil, there was no dog at all behind the fence.

Bluffing for complacency.

Although, by and large, the dog is also a very dubious protector.

These days, retro chips will not stop any more or less serious robber.

Now buildings protect themselves.

They get brains.

And on the gate it’s time to write: “Caution – the house has a high IQ!” “Smart home” – just a hundred years ago science fiction writers with their humanoid robots never dreamed of this.

At the beginning of February 2007, visitors to the XII International Forum “Security Technologies” saw everything that replaces an angry dog ​​in modern homes and offices.

ostorojno u doma visokii iq 3

The exhibition, located in three halls of Crocus Expo, covered, without exaggeration, the entire security market:

— technical means and security systems; security of information and communications;

— fire protection of industrial, social and cultural facilities, engineering transport and social infrastructure;

— technogenic safety;

— labor protection and safety;

— transport Terminal Security;

— radio electronics: components and security systems;

— non- state security structures;

— anti- terror;

— emergency medicine, etc.

According to the results of an independent audit in 2007, 476 companies from 20 countries took part in the Forum.

One of the actively developing sections of the Forum is “Intelligent building.

This year, participants in this exposition included companies such as Smartec, CTC Capital, Videolink, Matek, MNPP Saturn, Integra-S, Urmet Intercom, Gulfstream, ICS new systems, etc.

Among the products presented at the exposition, one can note the “Comfort” system, which has control capabilities from a cell phone, including voice control, a security system with the “OASIS” home automation function (up to 500 device connections throughout the house), and “Intelligence” systems ”, “Safe City”, a set of security systems for buildings and premises of various types: SiPass access control system, AirSampling air sample monitoring system, CC62 gas detection system, Smart Video intelligent video monitoring systems, “Comfortable Home” intelligent control systems, CERBER Logic.

These and other “smart” products aroused significant interest among Forum visitors, including construction and design and investment companies, designers and planners of corporate and residential buildings, installers of integrated electronic and engineering systems, specialists in the field of security systems, video surveillance and satellite communications, heads of large enterprises, banks, business centers, network service, trade and entertainment structures, insurance management companies, inter-industry holdings, as well as interested individuals. In total, more than 24,000 specialists visited the Forum in 2007.

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