Basics of working in a warehouse using the latest “WI-FI” technologies.

Апр 11, 2024
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Basics of working in a warehouse using the latest “WI-FI” technologies.

To optimize work in a warehouse, it is necessary to automate it and establish a certain system for the movement of goods.

A warehouse is one of the most basic links in the structure of any company that owns it.

An automated warehouse contributes to the success of a company, its superiority over others by increasing its image, productivity, accuracy in the shipment and arrival of goods, as well as reducing time and labor costs.

The use of wireless solutions in modern business plays a key role in the process of building an effective information infrastructure and accounting for product flow.

With the help of wireless communication, the efficiency of employees’ work is significantly increased, the tasks of increasing labor productivity are solved, the costs of using cable infrastructure are reduced, discipline is created for storing goods and property in each area of ​​the warehouse, and the risk of unauthorized use of warehouse space, loss or damage, mis- grading and shortage of goods is reduced. .

The basis of work in a warehouse using the latest “WI-FI” technologies is barcoding, which allows you to use specialized equipment, such as:

Data collection terminals are a specialized industrial minicomputer designed to solve a certain number of problems of trade and accounting automation, by reading the barcode assigned to the product.

Mobile data collection terminals equipped with a barcode scanner will find use in stores, warehouses, pharmacies and restaurants.
Label printers are devices that allow you to print barcodes on labels.

It is possible to connect barcode printers to electronic scales — then the printed code will contain both the internal code and the weight of the product.

Hand- held barcode scanners are devices that allow you to read information from product labeling in the form of a barcode and transfer it to a computer, POS terminal or cash register.

WiFi wireless communication equipment is equipment for organizing wireless communication between mobile devices and personal computers based on the WiFi 802.11 wireless data transmission channel.

With the help of WiFi wireless communication, many companies have been able to automate trade, warehousing, excise marking, assembly and control of serial numbers, etc.

In 2007 and 2008, the KEEP COUNT Warehouse solution took a leading position in the barcoding and radio frequency identification (RFID) market.

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