METOR is the choice of professionals.

Апр 27, 2024
metor vibor professionalov

METOR — the choice of professionals

METOR — the choice of professionals

Anyone who has flown on an airplane at least once is familiar with an arched metal detector. They are installed at security checkpoints at every airport. But few people know that metal detectors in almost all airports of the former USSR are called METOR. METOR is one of the trademarks of the Finnish company Metorex International Oy. All security products are produced under this brand, including metal detectors and X-ray inspection equipment, which have gained recognition throughout the world. For more than 30 years, the METOR trademark has been the standard of quality and reliability for security services of all countries. Metor equipment is installed in places where the safety of people is of paramount concern. These are airports in more than 60 countries, government and military institutions, industrial enterprises, nuclear power plants, hospitals, banks, exhibition and conference halls, casinos, nightclubs and many other places around the world.

The operation of all METOR arched metal detectors is based on alternating-pulse electromagnetic field technology. The development of this technology was the use of two cross, alternately excited magnetic fields in the space of one metal detector. This principle, patented in many countries, has become the hallmark of Metorex, qualitatively distinguishing METOR metal detectors from metal detectors from other manufacturers. The advantage of this method is the detection of metal objects with a constant sensitivity setting, regardless of their orientation in space. The configuration of the coils of METOR metal detectors — the subject of long-term research and experiments — allows you to create complete field uniformity inside the metal detector along the entire height of the metal detector. The configuration of the coils determines the noise immunity of metal detectors and the degree of influence of foreign metals located outside the metal detector. The latest models of metal detectors can even be installed on reinforced concrete floors with shallow reinforcement. To eliminate the influence of these metals, special compensating loops are made in the coils.

In its products, Metorex does not try to circumvent the laws of physics using mathematical methods, which can often be seen in some manufacturers of similar products, but only tries to use them as fully as possible to achieve high quality indicators. Therefore, the use of several microprocessors for signal processing makes it possible to ensure high accuracy of signal measurements, and therefore increase the noise immunity of metal detectors and reduce the number of false alarms.

By choosing the excitation frequencies of the electromagnetic field inside each metal detector, you can install as many metal detectors as you like in close proximity to each other without mutual influence between them. Specially developed processing programs allow you to adjust the relative sensitivity for various materials: magnetic and non-magnetic steels, aluminum, gold, lead, etc. All metal detectors have the ability to use them as a meter of external electromagnetic interference, which makes it possible to correctly assess the installation location at each specific site. The built-in software constantly evaluates the performance of the metal detector. In the event of a malfunction, an error code is displayed on the display, and a total of 60 codes are described, which allows you to instantly assess and localize the malfunction of the metal detector, which reduces the time and cost of maintenance and repair. Almost every metal detector can be diagnosed over the phone. It must be noted here that the quality of Metorex is very high and the likelihood of malfunction is very low. The operation of metal detectors around the world has shown that within 10 years, only two products out of every hundred experience any problems.

The above characteristics and indicators are typical for the entire range of metal detectors produced by Metorex, but each has its own characteristics and scope of application. The opinion among some security officers that all arches are the same is not entirely true. They are similar only in appearance, but the operating principles and functional features allow each model to be used to solve very specific problems, taking into account, of course, the price-result factor. Currently, Metorex International Oy produces 6 models of arch metal detectors and one model of hand-held metal detector.


The first in the series of METOR arched metal detectors is the general purpose metal detector METOR 120. This metal detector has been produced for quite some time and the demand for it has not fallen, since this model has gained great recognition all over the world. This metal detector is suitable for use in areas with high security requirements, when a high degree of operational reliability is required. This metal detector has uniform field uniformity throughout the entire working space, high resistance to external interference, and self-diagnosis functions. The choice of processing programs is limited to 17 programs, in most cases making it possible to choose the one suitable for specific operating conditions. This metal detector is best used in places where the flow of visitors/passengers is small, as well as where there is no need for careful adjustment to certain types of metals (in particular lead and stainless steel) and problems with installation on a reinforced concrete floor. Typical examples would be small airports, sea and river ports, some state and non-state institutions, bank operating branches, exhibition halls, etc. As an example of the installation of METOR 120 metal detectors, we can mention airports of the former USSR, where, due to the specifics of inspection, the flow passengers through the metal detector was small, the Library of Congress and the US Department of Justice.


metor vibor professionalovAll technical characteristics of METOR 120 are present in the all-weather metal detector METOR 120WP. This metal detector is made in a reinforced housing that resists mechanical damage and exposure to precipitation. A special coating and insulating gaskets prevent moisture from penetrating into the housing. The built-in heater and fan ensure the operation of the product at ambient temperatures from -30° to +50°C. Built-in rechargeable batteries allow METOR 120WP to be used during a temporary power outage. All these performance characteristics make METOR 120WP indispensable for use where it is not possible to use traditional unprotected products: small local airports, seaports, military facilities, historical and architectural complexes, government residences, amusement parks, etc. Such indicators were decisive when choosing METOR 120WP metal detectors for installation at the entrance to the Kremlin, where they have already been operating for more than 3 years, 24 hours a day.


metor vibor professionalov 2A variant of the METOR 120 aimed specifically at detecting small metal objects is the highly sensitive METOR 124 metal detector. Designed with slightly reduced panel spacing and specially enhanced software, this metal detector offers the ability to detect jewelry, microchips, rare earth metals, and dangerous objects such as blades. razors, small knives, etc. This determines the scope of its application: preventing theft in enterprises and production, screening visitors to hospitals and prisons. By the way, correctional institutions in some countries install only METOR 124 metal detectors. In Russia, METOR 124 are installed at some metal processing plants and assembly shops where valuable materials are used.


metor vibor professionalov 3Increasing passenger flows at airports and increasing security requirements for large enterprises with peak throughput have shown the need to create a metal detector with high selectivity. Among the Metorex products, this is the METOR 160. This metal detector has a special coil system that increases the discrimination ability between dangerous and non-hazardous objects. Field compensation in the lower part of the metal detector allows you to identify metal objects hidden in shoes with a high degree of reliability without affecting the general characteristics of the entire metal detector as a whole. This also makes it possible to install METOR 160 on a reinforced concrete floor without disturbing the homogeneity of the electromagnetic field. The increased number of signal processing programs compared to METOR 120 allows you to select the appropriate one for reliable detection of a truly dangerous object. Flexible adjustment of the alarm reset time allows you to inspect large flows of people in a limited time. These metal detectors are installed at large airports (for example, Heathrow and Manchester in the UK, Dallas in the USA), large government and public institutions, restaurants, discos and casinos.


metor vibor professionalov 4The company's latest development is the METOR 200 multi-zone metal detector. It was designed for an optimal balance of security and inspection efficiency. Eight overlapping detection zones function as independent metal detectors. Each of them creates its own pulsed magnetic field and has its own signal processing channel. The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted individually to implement a particular inspection task. The metal detector can even be installed on a metal floor, since by adjusting the sensitivity of the lower zone, it is possible to compensate for the resulting inhomogeneity of the field. The indicators of each zone display the level or levels at which a dangerous object is passing. Zone metal detectors do not influence each other, so multiple safe items do not result in a false alarm, as is the case with conventional arch metal detectors. All these characteristics make it possible to use the METOR 200 in a wide variety of applications, especially where fast and reliable inspection is required.


To identify metal objects during personal searches, the METOR 22 handheld metal detector is produced. This is a very lightweight and convenient metal detector for daily use. The body is made of durable plastic that will not break if you accidentally drop the metal detector. Of course, you shouldn't use it as a baton, since it's still a metal detector.


When faced with the task of installing several metal detectors at one site, the problem of monitoring and managing them arises. For these purposes, the METORNET software product is being released, which is a monitoring and control system for a network of METOR arch metal detectors based on a personal computer. With its help, it is possible not only to monitor the parameters and condition of metal detectors, but also to program them remotely. Statistical functions allow you to evaluate the quality of work and load of metal detectors during the working day, for subsequent optimization of inspection.

In order to satisfy the most diverse requirements of customers, some additional accessories are offered forarched metal detectors. A cross beam of different lengths makes it possible to change the width of the arch opening; special protective panels reduce the influence of moving metals and thus reduce the distance to them without disturbing the operation of the metal detector. The metal detector can be manufactured for subsequent hidden installation in walls, and special wheels make it possible to easily and quickly move the metal detector if necessary. Upon individual order, the metal detector can be painted in any of the wide range of colors offered, which will allow the metal detector to fit into the design of any room.


Not long ago, a portable conveyor X-ray intrascope METOR X-10 began to be produced. It was created specifically for screening hand luggage at high-risk facilities — banks, financial and government institutions, enterprises and power plants. The size of the inspection tunnel is 53×33 cm and allows for the inspection of briefcases, bags, parcels and parcels. The weight of the intrascope is only 120 kg. Technical characteristics allow for high-quality and reliable inspection to determine the presence of weapons, explosive devices and other dangerous items in hand luggage.

The company is constantly improving production and paying great attention to product quality. In 1993, Metorex International Oy was certified to comply with the international standard IS09001.

Metorex International Oy is an international concern founded in Finland in 1993. Previously, Metorex was part of the Finnish metallurgical concern Outokumpu as one of its subsidiaries Outokumpu Instruments. Metorex International is now a mid-sized company with annual sales of approximately US$30 million.

Metorex International is a leading international supplier of metal detectors and advanced materials analysis and inspection equipment. The company's products include field portable and benchtop analyzers, flow systems and laboratory instruments for determining the content of chemical elements in ores and minerals, in liquids, soils and powders, and in petroleum products. Instruments for non-destructive testing of metals allow direct analysis of alloys for the content of all elements present in them. All devices are highly accurate and reliable, and most of them have no analogues in the world. X-ray and gamma radiation detectors and spectrum analyzers are used by European and American space agencies.

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